Whether your business is a hotel, restaurant, nursing home, golf club, spa or one of a wider range of commercial or recreational activities, you have individual energy needs, issues and objectives.

At Lister Gases we aim to be your energy partner and take this load for you.

We recognise the key service issues of the commercial sector as reliability and responsive delivery, environmental responsibility, keen pricing and trusted personal relationships. We believe they are at the core of what we at Lister Gases offer.

Whether you are using LPG for central heating, cooking with a controllable flame, heating water or a combination of all three we would like to visit, assess your energy consumption and design a supply to fit your needs that will optimise efficiency and save you money.
Saving you CARBON…
LPG is the cleanest burning fossil fuel available off the national grid and indeed itself is a recycled product, being the otherwise flared byproduct of the oil production process. It’s carbon to hydrogen ratio and high heating value, make it an exceptional energy. In a competitive environment where carbon savings have an increasingly high profile the case for LPG is clear.
Fuel Relative CO2 per kWh % Difference to LPG
LPG 0.21 -
Diesel 0.28 +33%
Electric 0.52 +148%

Source: Carbon Trust Energy and Carbon Conversions 2011.
Saving you MONEY…
We believe that LPG is the clear choice for cost as well as carbon savings. We would welcome the chance to demonstrate how our refueling solutions can be the most cost efficient for your business.
Switching to LPG
LPG is both cleaner and cheaper than other fuels. We can provide help with product and equipment sourcing to facilitate a seamless switch to LPG for use in your industrial processes. The carbon saving from converting to LPG often means that you may qualify for a Carbon Trust Loan for capital purchases. You may also benefit from tax relief through the Enhanced Capital Allowances. We would gladly explore both these options on your behalf.
Cylinder versus Bulk Supply
If you currently use LPG cylinders for your applications, consider the potential savings that switching to your own bulk LPG facility on site would provide:
  • No cylinders required on site
  • No half full cylinders to return (a hidden cost)
  • No manual handling issues
  • Substantial cost savings from a bulk supply
  • A self sufficient, stand alone energy supply
The Process…
We would install our bulk tank at your premises following a detailed site survey. We will return to train your staff in its safe use until all are comfortable and confident with the installation. We monitor consumption and arrange deliveries accordingly. The safety of the unit will be monitored with each fill and we will maintain your tank.
We aim to take all the hassle out of your fuel supply and manage it on your behalf.

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