Providing Gas Beyond the Mains
LPG is the closest available alternative to natural gas in off mains areas. It is the cleanest burning fossil fuel and indeed itself is a recycled product, being the otherwise flared byproduct of the oil production process. Unlike coal, electricity and oil, LPG can be used to provide controllable real flame fires, hobs and ovens as well as providing instant heat and hot water. It truly is a unique, exceptional energy for domestic use.

We believe that LPG is the clear choice for cost as well as carbon savings, with fuel cost savings of up to 15% available over oil for example. We would welcome the chance to demonstrate how our energy solutions can be the most cost efficient for your home.

In addition to bulk, LPGas is available in cylinders for lesser volumes or for properties where space is limited.Cylinders are also available for leisure products such as barbecues or patio heaters.




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