Already an LPG Customer? – Switch to Lister Gases
Do you know how easy it is to switch to Lister Gases at no cost or disruption to your gas supply?
As an existing LPG user with a bulk tank, under guidelines issued by the Competition Commission in 2009, you can now switch LPG suppliers without the hassle of changing your tank. Please contact us to see how easy it is. This applies if you are a
  • Mini bulk customer – your home is supplied by a dedicated tank
  • Metered Estate customer – home is supplied via shared tanks.
Why Lister Gases?
As a reputable local, independent company Lister Gases are proud to offer a quality service based on trust, safety and value for money. We have our own bulk storage facility and are therefore able to offer highly competitive pricing that has proved to be more stable than our competitors in recent times. Unfortunately the recent trend for LPG wholesale prices as with Oil and the mains grid fuels has been upwards, however at Lister Gases we only aim to recover the real increase in cost and maintain our margins not enhance them. We offer value for money, not gimmicks and loss leaders that you ultimately pay a premium for in the future. We are confident in our claim to be able to offer service levels that exceed those of our larger competitors.

We have no call-centres and pride ourselves on individual tailored solutions with a personal touch, and offer a range of payment plans and options to suit your needs

"Very happy with the service provided by Lister Gases, the transfer was quick and very efficiently done. The great benefit is that I no longer have to negotiate gas prices, I know exactly how much I will have to pay and how the price is determined." - Dave from Malvern Hills

Ready to Switch?
1 Call our Sales Office on 0121 556 7181
Please have available your annual usage in litres and contract termination date. We will provide you with a price per litre for your gas and confirm our terms of supply.

2 Complete the Supplier Switch Notice Form and Supply Agreement then send them to us by either post or email.

3 Sit back and relax
We will contact your existing supplier and arrange the potential transfer of their tank to our ownership. You don’t have to do anything.

4 If you wish to proceed
We will arrange a visit to check that your tank is correctly sited and is in test. As soon as the tank transfers to us we will contact you and replace the existing contact details on your tank with ours. We will confirm how you wish to pay and whether you wish to join our automatic top-up service.

5 Welcome to Lister Gases!




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