AvantiGas announces Listers acquisition



Avanti Gas Limited is delighted to announce the acquisition of Lister Gases, the specialist suppliers of bulk and cylinder gases which have been serving commercial customers in the West Midlands for nearly 50 years. Lister Gases’ headquarters in Wednesbury and its depot in Cradley Heath will continue to operate just as before.

AvantiGas managing Director Neil Murphy commented: "As a leading national supplier of LPG, AvantiGas is looking to expand our regional coverage as a bottled gas provider. Listers is a trusted local supplier with a long track record of expertise in the cylinders market, and there are synergies too on the bulk LPG supply side where AvantiGas has a great deal of experience.

"It’s a partnership of expertise, and both companies share the same customer-focused ethos, where we always strive to put customer service and safety as our top priorities. This local investment demonstrates our continuing commitment to give the best and most comprehensive service to our bulk and bottled gas customers in the West Midlands.”

Lister Gases General Manager Stuart Green said: "We’re really excited about the AvantiGas acquisition. The two companies are a very good fit. We’ve been approached by other companies in the past, but this development was the right one for Listers and for our customers. It means we now have the resources to enhance our local services while ensuring the continued growth of the company.”

Lister Gases Limited was established as a company in December 2008 to focus on cylinder and bulk LPG supply. After almost 50 years of supplying Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) throughout the Midlands region, Lister Gases has now become a part of the AvantiGas family, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of LPG providing energy solutions for homes, business and industry.

The business continues to operate from its head office at Bridge Street, Wednesbury in the West Midlands and we also have a depot at Forge Lane, Cradley Heath where we supply a full range of LPG cylinders and have an Autogas refuelling facility.

We supply LPG for many varied applications and work closely with specialist Original Equipment Manufacturers as partners to ensure that the key benefits and unique features of LPG are communicated through the supply chain. In times where we are all encouraged to look at ways to ‘go green’ and be aware of our impact on the environment, LPG provides ‘Exceptional Energy’ and is the lowest carbon fossil fuel available in off-grid areas. We take pride in providing excellent levels of customer service and strive to achieve a friendly and personable relationship with our customers. Our overriding aim is to achieve this with competitive prices and in doing so ensure value for money.

If you’re an existing LPG user with one of our competitors and are considering a change of LPG supplier, please let us have the opportunity to talk to you and quote for your business. If you’re an existing customer and are simply seeking information, thank you for your continued custom. I hope you find our website informative and are able to locate the information required.


Come and say Hi!!

We are attending the Made In The Midlands exhibition on Thursday 22nd May 2014 and we wanted to invite you to come visit us at our stand.

We would love for you to come down and see how we can help your organisation save money and reduce its carbon footprint by either switching fuel to LP Gas, converting to LP Gas cylinder or bulk tank storage systems or just give you an insight into the world of Liquefied Petroleum Gas and how it can help your organisation.

Please click on the banner below to see how you can attend the event and come speak to us: 


We meet the needs of many organisations and people in the commercial and industrial, domestic, fork lift truck, environmental and agricultural segments and this is just to name a few.

Baljit and Suzanne will be at the exhibition at our Lister Gases stand, so we hope to see you there and look forward to answering any questions you may have about LP Gas.

See you there!!

Welcome to our new Website!
We have tried to simplify things and make information easier to find. If you are an existing user of LPG with one of our competitors and are considering a change of supplier, please let us have the opportunity to talk to you and quote for your business. If you are an existing Customer simply seeking information - thank you for your continued custom. I hope you find our new website informative and are able to locate the information you need.

Nick Carter, Managing Director

LPG vital to meet the UK’s Carbon Emissions targets

UKLPG, the trade association of the LP Gas industry, is urging the government to ensure liquefied petroleum gas (LP gas) plays a key role in plans to meet the nation’s carbon reduction targets in the future. 

Check out the link from our trade association for more information on how LPG can really make a difference to the UK’s target emissions.



LP Gas is on the increase in the Forklift Truck Sector!!

As many companies are trying to reduce their carbon foot print, LP gas is becoming the preferred choice for many Fork lift truck companies. In a traditionally diesel dominant market, LP Gas proves to be a more preferred choice of fuel, as many organisations are realising not just the environmental benefits but also the cost reductions, and this is exactly what we did for E R Birch and Sons!!

Lister Gases teamed up with Mitsubishi Trucks to help provide a tailor made solution for E R Birch in making their forklift truck operations much more efficient. With Lister gases reliable Bulk tanks storage and self fill system in place, we’ve made ER Birch’s accuracy of fuel consumption even more effective so they know exactly what they are using in a clear and precise way.

A good example is provided in the link below, so see for yourselves how Lister Gases LP Gas can benefit your organisations...


To find out how Lister Gases can help your organisation reduce your carbon footprint and costs at the same time please contact Suzanne on 07801 292 080

Lister Gases Raffle Winner!!

We would firstly like to say a big thank you from all of us at Lister Gases Ltd to all that attended our stand and said hello last week at the MITM exhibition.

It was great to see you all there and learn about your organisations and how we can help you in the future with the supply of Bulk and bottled gas to Industrial and commercial industries in their applications.

We already help many Midlands based companies save on Co2 emissions and costs for running their commercial and industrial applications whether that is for forklift trucks, commercial heating, welding, fabrications and metal cutting and many more applications.

As many of you know that visited us, we had a small raffle draw going on, where the lucky person who entered wins a barbecue!! We are pleased to announce Phillip Guest from Essar Steel won the barbecue, so congratulations Phillip and we hope you enjoy the Barbecue. 

Liquefied Petroleum Gas is the right choice of Fuel for your Commercial and Industrial applications

With cost savings and energy efficiency at the top of many organisations wish list, LP Gas has been proven to save costs and helped make many organisations cleaner and greener!! LP Gas is truly a source of Exceptional Energy.

Since Lister Gases went independent in 2008 we have seen a strong year on year increase for commercial and industrial business and have continued to raise the awareness of LP Gas over other fuels and the variety of applications it can be used to fuel such as the following: 

  •  Forklift Trucks
  • Commercial Heating
  • Spray Booths
  • CNC Machining and more.

If you are currently using anything on Oil, Diesel or Electricity then you most certainty paying too much and have high C02 emissions! It is quiet common in our market for customers not to be aware of this but rest assured it is the case, LP Gas offers an alternative solution as in comparison to costs against other fuels your organisation could save not just hundreds but thousands in some cases, on average around 30% and that's just simply switching to LP Gas.

Also just as importantly in today's climate, by switching to LP Gas you will cut your C02 emissions by half and help contribute massively towards climate change and keep up with your corporate social responsibility. 

So, if you are currently using an alternative fuel to LP Gas for your organisation in particular Forklift trucks, commercial heating or industrial applications on Oil, Electricity or Diesel then please in touch with Suzanne on 07801292 080 (Area Sales Manager) or Baljit on 0121 556 7181 and we can show you how we can save your organisation on average 30% in your fuel costs and make your Commercial/Industrial Applications much more cleaner, greener and exception with our exceptional energy promise. 

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